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We offer Bhoomi Puja in Bangalore in all languages. Pandit for Bhoomi Puja in Bangalore, also known as Bhu Puja, is a ceremony that is conducted prior to the construction of a house. A puja is performed in honour of the “Bhu Devi” or the “Dharti Maa” before we begin digging the plot. However, the question remains as to why and when it began. Yes, the apparent response to this question is “it’s a custom that has been practised for a long time,” but how did they come to be and how did they come to be considered our custom?
Our country is referred to as “Bharat Maa,” and our land is referred to as “Dharti Maa.” We love and respect her as if she were our own mother, and performing a bhoomi puja in such a country is worthwhile. We believe that she, like us, is suffering as a result of the excavation work on the land. Perhaps it appears illogical to some, but my query to them is, if someone strikes him or her, what is the sensation? Do you not experience any discomfort?

Pandit for Bhoomi Puja in Bangalore

We most certainly do, and the same is true for our planet. Bhumi puja is performed in order to show respect to our motherly Earth. To obtain her permission before digging up the soil for farming or other purposes. This puja is also performed to appease Vastu Purush. Who is assumed to be the god of Vaastu, in order for him to bless us with positivity and growth. Lord Ganesha is worshipped as he is the creator of the world, and Laxmi puja is performed in order to obtain her blessings in order to be healthy and prosperous in our new home.

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Bhoomi Puja ceremonies include:

  • Ganapati Puja
  • Sankalpa
  • Kalasha Puja
  • Shilanyas
  • Punyahavachan
  • Bhoomi Puja
  • Naivedyam
  • Mahamangalarathi
  • Aashirvachan

Signigicance of Bhumi Puja Pandit

As a result of the digging of new land and the construction of new structures, numerous insects, animals, and other organisms are forced to find new homes. Bhumi Pujan is significant since it helps people to be free of their curses as well as to erase their negative energies. In India, our farmers also offer prayers before cultivating any piece of land, as a gesture of thanks to the goddess for allowing them to grow the crops in her favour.

Despite the fact that Indians are seen as superstitious and irrational. We strongly believe in our culture and traditions, which distinguishes us from all other people.

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