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Pandit for Namkaran Puja in Bangalore

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Namkaran is the ceremony to bestow the name to the kids it is significant as it’s the primary function of a youngster’s life grahshanti and havan is performed for the prosperity of the kid and get all the endowments for a healthy and glad life. Get your infants Namkaran Puja done by our best and Vedic Pandit.

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Pandit for Namkaran Puja in Bangalore

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Namkaran Puja is the naming ceremony of an infant. It is performed to officially keep the child’s name according to the starting word of the name proposed by pandit ji dependent on the Nakshatra of the infant. Pandit for Namkaran Puja in Bangalore is the special custom of giving Samskaras to the kid irrespective of the religion. Which is viewed as of most extreme significance in shaping the character and upbringing of a kid. 

This ceremony is performed on the eleventh day, on the off chance that the function couldn’t be performed on that day. Then it should be done following three months or on the child’s first birthday. 

The service is performed by pandit ji starting with Gauri Ganesh Puja, Punyaha Vachanam, Kalash Puja, Pandit for Namkaran Puja in Bangalore is done by murmuring the child’s name in the right ear and chanting of Vedic mantras and a havan are performed for the Graha Shanti of the baby.